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Le Sacre Coeur Paris


The Hall of Mirrors

Nantes 2006


Back from a Far Off Place

Here I find myself, back in my room. Home. It's been a whirlwind three weeks since our team first set foot in France and I have to admit, I'm thankful to be back in the States. We had a great time together trying to serve God to the best of our abilities, speaking French as well as possible and the like. I could go into the minutae of each individual day; but, I'd prefer to post some photos and simply say I'm thankful for having the opportunity to go. I'm still wondering how God will use this experience in my life because I feel I'm too close to the trip to accurately assess its importance. Add France to your prayer list, though. Not that America's much better, but the French are particularly resistant to discussing spiritual matters, which makes evangelism difficult for anyone, but more precisely Americans.


Pics for Tuesday Morning

Pete's in Kyoto

Phoenix is in Europe, not Arizona


Last Post for a While

This'll probably be my last post for a while, since I'm heading to the land of camembert, vino, and l'art. I can't really describe how I'm feeling: so much stuff's happened over the past I don't know how long, so everything seems so surreal. It's been one day to the next, not-seriously-planning-anything for so long now that it feels weird--I'm actually scheduling my time out so I can get everything done this week.

My prayer request is sooooo long, it hurts just thinking about it. But, if you're able to remember these things while in prayer, I'd greatly appreciate the help of some prayer warriors.

Mom's health--an issue that has not disappeared, but we're trying to keep the faith

Pete's safe return

Nate's health--hopefully, his condition isn't too serious

France Trip--it's not going to be all fun and games, though I'm sure that will be part of it
Pray we can really get into the French language and connect with people
the Lord would help us plant some seeds or work to cultivate those
already in place
we would grow together as a missions team
God would teach us to rely only on Him, as we'll be in strange surroundings,
often responsible for our own safe-keeping and day to day well-being
we would glorify God in all we do and seek His will above all else
for safe travels and health throughout the journey

Dad's Health--stress is pretty serious stuff, and there's been a lot of it lately from just about
every angle imaginable

If you're reading this far, merci beacoup pour ton patience.

In closing this post, I hardly know where life's taking me these days. It's a wonder to even imagine what'll happen tomorrow, the day after, or the day after that. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about those things and you shouldn't, either.

Psaume 91: 1-2

Celui qui habite sous l'abri du Tres-Haut
Repose a l'ombre du Tout-puissant.
Je dis a l'Eterel: Mon refuge et ma fortress,
Mon Dieu en qui je me confie!


If we thought the French couldn't do anything right

maybe we were wrong...at least in one instance.

There's this awesome French band I just discovered via NPR, and I totally love their sound.


Check out their music video for "Long Distance Call" by clicking on the post title. It's a link to their "My Space" page, and all you've gotta do is scroll down a ways. Should work if you've got all the necessary accoutrements.

Hailing from the Parisian suburbs (and that's not anything to take lightly, what with the rioting that's gone on in suburbs over the past year or so), there's no doubt about it: their stuff is awesome--po-mo/indie/alt rock--je l'aime beacoup!

One more thing, my regards go out to the England and U.S. World Cup teams...I'm rooting for you guys all the way!


For the first time in a while

I feel like blogging. Things have been absolutely insane lately, what with work and classes, stuff going on with my family, driving here there and everywhere. Yesterday was the first Saturday in a while where I worked, went out to lunch with the fam, slept for like three hours, went to an awesome classical concert, and chilled.

Today, dad, nate, and I visited with my family in the southern part of the state...since one cousin was confirmed and the other graduated last weekend. Then we came home quickly and had dinner with some very good family friends. It's always nice to share stories about our travels, etc.

One last week of statistics class and work tomorrow night, but hopefully things will slow down slightly after that. I have to do a watercolor painting for an art show and I've got, like, two weeks to start and finish the thing, get it to the framers, and submit it!

Plus, there are all the preparations for heading overseas. I don't even want to think of all the French I need to study and what not, but for the moment, my bed is calling.

I haven't had time for any reading lately, or taking pictures and painting. However, I've been playing the piano and violin some, which is always a balm for my soul. Plus, a good friend and co-worker let me borrow a ton of awesome classical cds such as Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma, and I've been tuning in to the Christian rock station lately. Music is the Virgil to my Dante sometimes.


Summer-Like Evening

I haven't written lately because I haven't felt like writing. There's so much to write about, so it's difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps the middle is best.

Today, I...oh, who am I kidding. You guys don't want to hear about my life.

Let me leave you with the words of Billy Boy Shakespeare...

"Oft expectation fails, and most oft there
Where most it promises; and oft it hits
Where hope is coldest, and despair most fits."

--From All's Well That Ends Well (II, i, 145-147)

It's worth thinking about. I love the smell of rain and wish it would come to visit in the waking hours when I've time to greet it.