California Here I Come

Dear Kara...
I'm writing this to you since you've been so awfully nice as to inquire after my welfare. For starters...my whole summer's changed since my mother has had to go through chemo therapy treatments for her cancer. We're hoping and praying she will come through this alright. So far, the Lord has continued to bless her with good health and pretty content spirits--I'm not going to complain.

I'm gearing up to head out to California a week from Sunday for the World Journalism Institute. I'm not yet finished with most of the assignments (between issues at home and at work, I've barely had a chance to begin most of the writing portion). BUT...I'm not losing hope. I plan to write like crazy and read as much as possible when I'm not working (which has been the greater portion of my summer!!! I'm learning that I can wait to hold down a full-time job:-). There have been some other road bumps along the way, but I feel that this summer has been pretty cool so far and if I could ask for one thing from God, it would have to be that He would bless me the health, courage, knowledge, creativity, and strength to serve Him at home, work, and out in the land of sun and surf. Well...back to the assignments. But, I'm so glad you asked, Kara, and be assured your letter is going in the mail tomorrow!


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Thanks Bonnie!