Ode to the Research Paper

Oh research paper
That I love to hate
Why do you torment me so?

If I could but count the ways
I loathe you,
I would run out of breath
And then I would think of one of my
Favorite words,

Grasshoppers are for hopping,
Not for salad.

Papers are for reading,
Not for writing.

Or maybe, just for thinking about,
But neither reading nor writing.

Or, perhaps, it's best not to think
About them at all.

To my paper on Jackson Pollock
And Georgia O'Keefe
I say, "Die a thousand deaths,
For dead men tell no tales."


Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Me too!

- Kara's Mom

josh said...

Why aren't grasshopper's for salad?

BJ said...

ok, josh may be the first person who wants a grasshopper (maybe more than one) in his salad. if so, check out the dole brand's hearts of romaine salad--the toy surprise is a genuine, state of the art half-of-a-dead grasshopper!