Blogging Insanity

Cheerio! I've got about 10 minutes til French class, so I'll make this quick...
The weekend was nutso-bizarro.
Didn't get a lick of homework done b/c I worked an 8-hour day Saturday and came home to discover I'm dying of sleep deprivation. So, Dr. Mom prescribed several days of solid rest, of which I got a bit and am feeling on the mend (another viewing of Pride and Prejudice + a heart to heart chat with Kara definitely helped, as well).

However, my homework pile is still festering, so I'm working on finding a remedy for this situation. Read a passage from Romans 12 last night that mentions the importance of "not lagging in diligence" and being "patient amidst tribulations." Must work on these two things, but first must shut off the valve that is supplying abundant hydration to my nasal cavities.

In closing, I'd like to thank the folks in Switzerland who developed the Ricola cough drops. I am forever indebted to their genius.

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