So here you are, visiting my blog. Unfortunately our chief lackey is busy making coffee for the big guys who actually write this thing, and since there isn't any coffee to be had yet, we shall refrain from discussing earth-shattering topics, which require at least a little coffee to make any sense at all.

Tomorrow, it's going to be 70 degrees outside! The folks at Just Fiddlin' Around were shocked when their meteorological correspondent got word of this most recent development. We're anticipating much singing, dancing, and feasting to mark the auspicious occasion.

Stay cool--we're (that's the royal "we") are battling the homework monsters!


bek said...

70 sounds soo awesome! I can't wait!

Andrew said...

well it's 70 right now!!!

BJ said...

i know! it's sweet...i just love spring weather--it's one of God's great gifts to mankind, along with the sun, fresh air, trees, and flowers.